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Glass Polish

Can anyone recommend a good glass polish to remove light scratches?
Recently my new Bosch wiper refill slipped out of the last holding clip
on the blade holder and allowed the holder & steel support inserts of
the wiper to contact the windshield.  Luckily I caught it after a few
wipes and it didn't do too much damage.  There is a noticeable arc on
the windshield but it's not deep enough to catch your fingernail on so
I'm assuming it could be polished out.

The new mounting system on the Bosch wiper refills is very poor.  It
biases the refill towards the mounting clip end which means the refill
barely sticks out beyond the last holding clip on the wiper blade holder
at the other end.  Invariably it will eventually slip out.  I've
resorted to buying refills that are 1" longer and cutting approx. 1/2"
off the end so that it fits properly.  Of course, those of you with 21"
wipers may be out of luck as I don't think they make them any bigger
than that.  At least I haven't seen any.  If you buy the complete Bosch
blade holder and refill they're mounted differently and don't cause a
problem, though you would lose the wiper spoiler that's part of the
factory blade holders on the newer Audi/VWs.