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RE: Aston Martin exposed!

Saw a tv program about AM last year, seems that the factory is in two main 
buildings, one on each side of a busy road. Engine shop is one side, body shop 
the other. There is NO overhead conveyor or anything like that, when an engine 
is finished two guys load it on to a hand trolley and walk across the road 
with it, dodging the traffic. 
I heard about a guy who was restoring a DB5, some bits were dead easy, the 
rear lights and other bits come from more humble origins (Hillman Hunters and 
cars of that era), but the body parts were another story, it was either repair 
what he had or take it to the factory for new ones to be made. Every body is 
hand made, so if you CAN find a used panel at a breakers or an autojumble, 
there aint no way its going to fit.
It rather reminded me of a friend who bought a Lamboughini Miura for 
restoration. The look on his face was a wonder to behold when he was stripping 
the interior and found some of the trim had wooden supports with the word 
'JAFFA' printed on them.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro (headless)