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Robbie Buhl

Robbie Buhl took the IRL race at NHIS in one of the closest finishes
that IRL has had.  He took the lead at lap 198 when Eddie Cheever's car
caught fire and held off Sospiri in a last turn unsuccessful effort to
take the lead from Buhl.  

This NER member can remember Robbie sitting in her living room back in
1983, ordering lettering for his Sport Renault, asking me "Do you think
I can make something of myself in racing?"  The answer is YES!!!!!!!

Congratulations to Robbie and the Menard/Glidden team for a job well

BTW, IRL is 2 for 2 for wins by our home boys.  So.....will next year be
a duke out between Scott Sharp and Robbie Buhl or is there a new NER
driver in the wings ready to go IRL? 

It's an honor to be a part of the Safety Team that covered this race. 

Trish Blethen