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Re: Power window question

In a message dated 97-08-17 16:47:12 EDT, bman@swva.net (Brendan) writes:

 >>> It could definitely be a faulty safety switch.  I experienced the same
 thing in my '87 5k.  Unfortunately the shape and design of my car results,
 in wet weather situations, in water falling directly on the window/mirror
 switch assy if the window is open even slightly.  Switches go bad
 eventually from wear anyway, but I suspect this ultimately shortens their

My window-related questions:  has anyone ever had to replace the power window
regulator on a 4k csq? the driver's side window has stopped an inch shy of
being closed, and i was told to replace the regulator. estimated costs and
difficulty in replacement? (does it matter if it's a used one?) 
...any and all tips would be greatly appreciated!