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Urq Alternator


You might remember my plea for help months ago regarding the sporadic
strange hesitation and rev counter reaction when I engaged my turn

I finally got a friend across today who knows how to use a multimeter
properly, and although we were not able to observe the turn signal
problem, what we did discover is that the voltage at the turn signal
fuse is dropping as low as 9.9 volts with the vehicle under way,
depending on what other electrical items are on.  The voltage never
rises above 12 volts.  The battery is giving 12.8 volts acroos the
terminals with everything switched off.

His opinion is that I should change the alternator.  I was foolish
enough a few years ago to let a Reno Bosch dealer talk me into a swap
with an "equivalent" reconditioned Lucas unit.

My question is, should I go for the OEM 90amp Bosch unit, or is there a
better alternative?  BTW is there anyone cheaper than Rod at the Parts

Thanks for your help.

John C. ('83 Urq)