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A8 weight

In a message dated 97-08-18 00:18:32 EDT, elprofe@mail.isla.net (julio)

<< Does anybody know how much weight the "space frame" of the AUDI A8? >>

I haven't seen a number for the bare-naked space frame. However, a full A8
body-in-white (Rohbau) would seem to weigh about 350 kg, including all the
body sheet metal.  I derive this from a statement by Audi AG at the time of
the A8's launch to the effect that the body was about 40% lighter than a car
of comparable size and performance built with a conventional steel monocoque.
This 40% savings was said to represent about 140 kg. Ergo...

One should remember that the Audi Space Frame was designed to be a marvel of
light weight construction but also a marvel of safety and crashworthyness.
 Thus, it was not built down to a weight target, rather up to a safety
target. Given the conservative nature of engineers who design crash
structures, I suspect that the current A8 is on the "porky" side for an
aluminum car. It's likely that a next-generation design could be made
substantially lighter.