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Need more light

In message <9708141232.AA31101@hunch.zk3.dec.com> Andrew Duane USG/PE writes:
> ... Bulb is covered in black plastic, but runs fine 3 months later.
> So, how can a microscopic bit of finger oil make it shatter?

It etches into the envelope.

We were leaving the Plough after Thursday night's meeting when a new
quattro owner commented that his driving lights (the centre main beam
only H1s) didn't work.

We asked if he had checked the bulbs.  He replied that he didn't know
how to.  I pulled the right bulb (the easy one!) and it was blown from
this very cause - the signs are a fogged and distorted envelope rather
than the usual cleanly broken filament in a clear envelope.

I gave him a new bulb (a 100w!) and told him the right headlamp would
cost a pint.  So I did the right ...

Interesting point - he had the strengthened wiring harness in the car,
with the same three relays used in mine but apparently unfused.  He had
an invoice showing that BR Motorsport had fitted it in 1992.

Then he said that the driver's door window mechanism was mis-behaving,
so at 23:30 I lay underneath the door (for another pint) and stripped
off the trim.  I find it quite an easy job from underneath ...

Anyway, the upper left (this is a UK driver's door, remember) and lower
left mounting bolts had sheared from the motor housing.  Only the single
right bolt was holding the motor in place.  Anyone seen this failure

 Phil Payne
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