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5KCSTQ - Thanks, Couple of Fixes and a question or two

First, thanks to Dave Head.  Break wear indicator light no longer comes
on.  Jumpering at the autocheck was a great idea.  10 minutes and no
more idiot light.


Climate Control center vent fix:  For those with center vents that
intermittently or never blow AC.  I "forced" the plenum(?) open and set
a 1 1/2 machine screw into the housing to keep the pivot arm from returning
to its no vacuum position.  My center vents work intermitently so I
also dabbed some rubber cement on the screw to keep it in place.  Any
way, work like a charm.  Come winter when I need defrost I'll remove
the screw.  Beats $100+ for new programmer.

Injector Cooling Fan Fix:  Took the unit out, openned it up, cleaned
out the 11 years of accumulated crap using a spray contact cleaner,
put her back together and it works like a charm.


Auxiliary Water Pump for Turbo Cooldown:  The water pump works great
if I put 12V directly.  My radiator fan works great in after run mode
so the thermoswitch is O.K.  Rather than get a new relay $100+, can
I run 12V from the radiator fan to the water pump?  Seems like the
only drawback would be that the water pump would run more than it should/needs
to.  Comments anybody?  Mr. Head?

Rough Idle and stumbling on Deceleration:  Replaced plugs (W7DTC),
wires, cap and rotor.  The engine appears to be missing intermittently.
Thoughts?  Also, when I run the revs up to 2K+ and suddenly close the
throttle the engine will stumble to 400RPM and recover in about 5 seconds.
Vacuum leak?

Thanks for helping me keep this car - and marriage - running.

Mark Pollan. '86 5KCSTQ 231K Miles