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Re: Audis in Movies, the return.

Audi's appear in a lot of Bons Movies.  I've seen him drive a TQ Wagon in 1 I
forget which (the one with the cello player), and also beleive I've seen him
drive a coupe of some sort in another.  

Another Audi note Higgins in Magnum PI drove a 5000S  Early 80's.  But I'd
still rather have Bond's Aston Martin or Magnum's Ferarri 308.

P.M. Hall
'86 5000S
'87 944s
'90 V8q

PS. I was going to let this pass, but.

>there were many many versions of the 5, ranging from 2.1 to 2.3 liters.
the final version of the 5, at 2.3 liters made 130, not 110 bhp.  the
older low compression 2.2 units were the ones that made 110.  and the
emissions choked 2.1 versions made 100.  yes, nothing great, but the 2.3
did make slightly more power than the current 2.0 four.

the 20V 1.8 four makes 125, but the older 16V 1.8 four made 123 w/
catalyst and 139 w/o.  the 20V has a much flatter torque curve tho...<

Isn't it unfair to compair a turbo car to a NA one.  I think the I5 was a
great engine, and I love to drive it.  True it could use a little umph, but
I'd prefer the I5 to a 1.8T any day.  
Now if you would like to talk about a nice 4 cyl. engine try my stock 4
cylinder in my Porsche . . . 188bph out of the box in 87 no less. Love to see
one of those Jap 4's with VTECH keep up with me |:-).  Imagine if Audi would
have used this for their 4 cylinder.  Take the old Porshe 4's NA and Turbo
version, and put those in the A4, mate it with a 5 speed, and quattro, and