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Dunlop D60A2

Robert P. Tonge wrote:
>They did pretty well last winter in the cascade snows here in washington
>but are getting a bit thin now after only 20K miles. SO - I am going to
>replace them and was thinking of trying Dunlop D60A2's 185/60 HR14. Has
>anyone out there tried these and what do you think ?

Rob, the D60's are one of the "darling" tires of the quattro set, mostly
because they're good performers dry or wet and are pretty cheap.
I had them on my old 5000 and would not recommend them for winter.
If that's your priority, you might do better with a softer tread compound
or at least one that doesn't act like ice skates on ice.  BTW I usually
use snow tires in the winter (skiing), so my viewpoint is biased to cold-
weather performance.  I have D60's on my Miata, but that gets parked
all winter.  Nice tire the rest of the time.
Doug Haley (haleyd@yankelovich.com)
"There is no fundamental difference between a sufficiently advanced
technology and magic" (A.C.Clarke)
'92 S4 (Alpine & A/D/Sed)
'95 Saab Turbo Conv (Mom's)
'91 Sentra SE-R (Daughters: Bondurant grad!)
'94 Miata (summer fun)