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Answer to Quiz

 >>>The Question: What other pioneer car-maker also started multiple
>>>companies under variations of his own name?  The two companies I
>>>have in mind were both reasonably successful and lasted at least
>>>as long as Audi and Horch. One of them continues even today.

The pioneer you're thinking of is Ransom E Olds who started building
Oldsmobiles at the Olds Motor Works 1897.  When he lost control of
the company circa 1903 (?), he went on to create Reo using his initials
for both the company and vehicle name.  Reo built cars and trucks into
the '30s (REO Speedwagon isn't only a band name), then dropped the
car line to concentrate on trucks.   Oldsmobile cars and, I think, Reo's
distant successor Diamond Reo Giant trucks are still in production

There's a second pioneer as well, Harry C. Stutz of Stutz Bearcat fame.
He, too, lost control of his original company during the WWI era and
started another not nearly as famous, prolific or successful company
called HCS to make cars of the same name.  

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