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Re: quattro-digest V4 #1022

> Hello Audi nuts,
> So I just got back from the Gorman Ridge Rally, and as I was unable to
> watch the Maine Forest Rally on ESPN2, so  I naturally recorded it.  The
> part I found most interesting about it was noticing that Sprongl was
> running a 10VT!!  Did anybody else pick this up?  Sorry if this thread
> has already been started, but I was just curious if anyone else noticed
> this.  The only reason I can think of he was running this motor, was
> that his 20VT motor didn't make it back from Audi Sport UK soon enough
> ??
> cya!

Hi-ya Mark-
 I talked with their mechanic while in Maine for the Rally, and he said
they had the new motor that had been built in Germany. Previously,
Sprongl had his 20V motors built by Audi of America, but they kept
failing, so he had his built by Leibman (sp?) in Germany. I saw the
website for the rally this year and it did say 10V, but I though it was
a misprint. I saw the motor in person, and it's configuration looked
different from the 10V i saw at Mt. Washington earlier this year.
Several people I have talked to, such as Ivor at TAP, said that the
motor was definitely a 20V... but I'm not sure...

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