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rally ur-q boost pressure

     How much boost did Audi use to make 330bhp in there fierce groupe B
cars.I also imagine that a very radical cam was used along with some
tricks.  Just wondering and dreaming what 300+ bhp would be like in my

The first  ur-q rally cars were homolgulated into FIA Group 4 in Jan
1981. The
engine power output changed a number of times depending on the camshaft
and turbocharger. The original configuration had 300 bhp@5500-7000 rpm
304 lb-ft @ 3250 rpm. These engines ran 21 psi boost pressure with a
6.3:1 CR.

For the portugal rally in 1981, the engine configuration output was
340hp using a 
smaller turbine and casing for lower rpm spooling along with a new
camshaft profile.
The boost pressure was also set to 26 psi boost @ low rpms and then
trailed off
to 21 psi at higher rpms.
Dave Lawson
86 gt
83 ur-q