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Re: Turning Trader?

As I recall, the 2.3 turbo in the XR4ti had a max boost of 15 psi, 2 bar,
and pumped out 175 hp.  That was quite a lot back then.  Ford also sold an
intercooler that you could install that bumped power up to 205.
	This motor with the intercooler was put in the SVO Mustang and was
put into a run of Thunder Chickens without the intercooler.
	I believe, but am not sure, that the motor was built in Germany,
so that should be of some value until you have to buy spare parts.  

			Kevin Barry
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On Sun, 17 Aug 1997, Sherry & Chuck Clark wrote:

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> > Date:          Sun, 17 Aug 1997 09:24:50 -0400 (EDT)
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> > In a message dated 97-08-17 09:24:50 EDT,    Kwattro wrote:
> > In a more....optomistic light, these cars are pretty damn fast.  It is the
> > same 2.3 16v (I believe) turbo that is found in the Probe GT (early models)
> > the Mustang SVO and the Merkur Xr14ti.
>    Actually, the early turbo probes were a 2.2L 12v Mazda motor. I had one
>  of these and yes the car was quite quick especially on boost. One night after
> a very fast run, I heard a faint clicking sound coming from the motor-kind of
> like a rod bearing sound but closer to a valve click. Turned out to be a cracked
> piston-total rebuild ran $1500. This was on a motor with 81k mi. So as far as 
> reliability goes, I wouldn't rate this car as "great". Anyway, just thought I'd let 
> everyone know. Btw, I know my 5k Tq (boosted) would now embarass that car
>  off the line and up to top speed. Just happy to have the Q! No cracked pistons
> either and I can flog it all I want.
> Chad Clark '87 5k Tq