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Re: ABS Screwed?

Sean wrote>

Every morning when I back out of my garage, I get this humming sound for about 2 seconds and the pedal goes soft, and it feels like the ABS is interfering. It also happens very rarely in traffic when coasting slowly up to a stop sign or light.
I replaced the bomb about 2 months ago.
Any ideas?

I too have experience these characteristics with our 93 100csqw. Last summer after we acquired the car, we had a few of the driveway versions, which I reported to the dealer. They stated that this was a normal test / adjustment of the ABS system and that I shouldn't worry about it. So I just learned to ignore it... although if it is a test, then how come it doesn't happen during each time I back out of the driveway???

It wasn't until, early this year that I had an occurrence of the "slowing to a stop" type of ABS jiggle. This again, is fairly infrequent occurrence, but I intend to follow-up with the dealer during my next visit. 

I'll be interested in what  you hear from other listers.


Eric Billing
Eagan, MN

93 100 CSQW 49K miles
91 Accord EX 106K miles