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Re: groupe B 10V motor 330bhp

     I would think at least 2 bar boost minimum? The rally ur-q was also 
     6:1 compression ratio, combine this with high octane witch's brew gas 
     and you can run some serious boost pressures. Pretty much nothing 
     happened until about 4-5krpm and then BANG! Walter Rhorl does a rather 
     nice description in the Audi quattro Experience (I know that was the 
     Sport but I think the boost lag is probably quite comparable to the 
     early ur-qs if not quite as explosive).
     Does anyone know if the alloy block motors were 6:1 compression ratio? 
     That's certainly something most salesmen would have kept hidden, the 
     WX/WR ur-q is bad enough with 7:1! 
     Is it possible to request homologation papers for older cars from the 
     FIA? Anyone have the homologation papers for the ur-q?
     Regards, Mike