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antenna for 4kq

Many of you have emailed to ask what model antenna I am using on the
85 4ksq, since I reported greatly improved reception.
I found the info, and here it is:

Vendor: Antennaworld (www.antennaworld.com)
Part number: 17377 (Fuba Betina)
Description:  Elec. amplified, stainless, orig. equipment on the coupe.
Fully extends to only 16", uses existing coax connector.  Uses 12v feed
from power antenna output.  Cost: $60 (or so).

Notes: you must have the stock coax (similar to TV coax) cable, as
opposed to the standard US antenna cable with male/female connectors.
The antenna screws on to the coax cable, you hook up the power feed, and
you are done.  Installation in a 85-7 4kq that has not been hacked 
should be under 10mins.  

There is also a motorized version of the above antenna, for about $140.

| Dan |
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