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12 point tool

I asked
> BTW, any idea where I can get one of those 12 point tools?

Phil replied
>Almost any car accessory shop.

'Cept my local Halfords - not a sign of one last night.
So I've gone the Snap-on route, and found yet another amazing human being.
I was at work in Leeds this morning when I phoned the York area Snap-on 
dealer, you know, one of these guys who drives round in a van full of tools.
He had one on his van, but one BIG problem. I was in Leeds, he was in York 25 
miles away, only does York on Fridays, I wanted the tool ASAP. I thought maybe 
he could drop it off with my neighbour so was going to give him directions,
started out with 'You know Ings View Garage?'
to which he replied 'I should do, I'm parked outside it now'. 
400 yds from MY house.
To cut a really long story short, he left the tool at the garage trusting me 
to send the payment to him. A great attitude or what? This guy is going to get 
more trade from me. 

OK, I know the guy wants to sell tools, but he was taking the risk that I 
would disappear with 20GBP+ of tool. I should think that most people in the UK 
would agree that this is not the usual reaction that you get - 
'Sorry, cant do that' or 'No chance' are more like it.

Sorry about the BW but I'm really impressed.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro