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Re: help - bulb for differential panel

 "Mike Benno" <mbenno@mr.net>
requested for his 90q20v:

     Does anybody know the volts/amps for the lightbulb which illuminates the
     panel in front of the differential lock switch? There are three bulbs for
     this panel. Front wheels, rear wheels, and the lock indicator (green). I am
     replacing the front one.

I have replaced one of these on my 1988 90q with one of the 50 mA (approx.) 12V 
grain of wheat lamps sold by Radio Shack.  I don't recall whether this was the 
flying lead bulb or the bipin bulb.  Buy a pack of each before opening the 
switch.  I seem to recall one of the lamps was best replaced by the bipin.  Use 
shrink fit on the leads if they are in danger of shorting.

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