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200tq problems

I'm having several problems with my '89 200tq.  
	First, I was insulating some wires the other day for the back of the radio, and 
suddenly the speakers stopped working, but I know for sure the radio still works.  I 
think maybe a fuse or something blew for the amp in the bose system, but I  don't 
know where the fuse would be located.  
	Second, the car has had some power loss problems for quite some time.  One second 
the car has power, then suddenly, there is a great power loss.  The power keeps 
cutting in and out.  It seems to only do it when under load.  I've checked vacuum 
hoses and have replaced a couple, but it doesn't seem to help.  Strangely enough, I 
drove the car the other day, and it suffered no power loss, but I know the power loss 
will come back, because cars don't just fix themselves.  Any help would be 
appreciated on either problem.

Tom B.
'89 200tq
'86 4kq