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Did you Know!

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> << Daimler? >>
> Sorry, Europeans are at a distinct disadvantage on this one.
> It was Ransom E. Olds, father of Oldsmobile and R.E.O. trucks (of REO
> Speedwagon fame)

Well, Daimler founded two companies - Daimler-Benz in Germany, and Daimler
in the UK.  Daimler-Benz is still going very strongly indeed - Daimler's
UK company was folded into Jaguar and is now used as the "up market"
Jaguar label.

Thus Daimler-Benz cannot use its own name in the UK, because the UK
rights to the Daimler name belong to Jaguar and ultimately to Ford.
Over here, as in many other countries, Daimler-Benz is known as

I was standing at a hotel check-in desk in Spain some years ago, in a
queue with some American tourists.  The girl behind the counter wore
a name badge that proclaimed "Mercedes".  One American said: "I thought
_WE_ were crazy about automobiles, but I'd never think of calling my
daughter after one."

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