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Re: ABS Screwed?

>Sean wrote>
>Every morning when I back out of my garage, I get this humming sound for
>about 2 seconds and the pedal goes soft, and it feels like the ABS is
>interfering. It also happens very rarely in traffic when coasting slowly
>up to a stop sign or light.
>I replaced the bomb about 2 months ago.
>Any ideas?

Eric Billing wrote ....
>I too have experience these characteristics with our 93 100csqw. Last
>summer after we acquired the car, we had a few of the driveway versions,
>which I reported to the dealer. They stated that this was a normal test /
>adjustment of the ABS system and that I shouldn't worry about it. So I
>just learned to ignore it... although if it is a test, then how come it
>doesn't happen during each time I back out of the driveway???
>It wasn't until, early this year that I had an occurrence of the "slowing
>to a stop" type of ABS jiggle. This again, is fairly infrequent
>occurrence, but I intend to follow-up with the dealer during my next
>I'll be interested in what  you hear from other listers.
I had the same symptoms....varying occurences but the frequency increased
until the vehicle was not drivable. In the end, the vehicle stopping
distances became too long UNLESS I pushed the ABS switch on the dash after
starting the 90Q. I have not resolved the mis-aligned ABS sensor(s) but I
know that it is the ABS.


2 of those 90Qs