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FS 85 4k brake parts

I saw this on another auto hobby list, and since it offers Audi parts, I am
posting it. No personal knowledge of the seller or the parts. Maybe he is
ready to give them away. Buyer beware:

86 4kcsq
                             Quoted from VW Type 2 list

 "I bought some Audi brake parts from a 'list
vendor who posts to these lists frequently. Unfortunately I ordered
for the wrong year. I was going to try to exchange the part and we
exchanged a few emails, but now I get no answers to my email. Since
the mistake was mine, they probably don't want to be bothered.

Anyway, I have two front rotors, two rear cylinders, and the rear
lining set for a 1985 Audi 4000. (I should have bought for a 1981)

If you could use these parts, please give me an email.

Later. . . .. . . .Brad"

Brad Snyder - bsnyder@enter.net