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Re: 5 speed V8 conversion

Not gonna happen.  Amongst the miscelanous stuff like
interior pieces, bell housing's, radiator....
The floor pan is different from the automatic.  

The Auto and the 5 speed are practically 2 different 
cars both mechanicaly and performance wise.

Yes. the V8 auto is slow off the line unless you power brake it,
but at big cash for a tranny I ain't gonna do it :-)

The 5 speed on the other hand is pretty quick.  I think somewhere
around 7 seconds or so 0-60 versus I think a lumbering 9 for the
auto.  I might even suffice to say it will give a stock tq a run 
for it's money.  20 valve excluded off course:-)


Mike L.
89 100 Wagon (ailing at the moment :-(
90 V8 zipping right along :-)
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