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FS: 1991 Coupe Quattro...

One of my firm's clients is an auto wholesaler ... the last time I met with
him, I told him to keep an eye out for any interesting Audis and give me a
call if he found one.  At 10:30am yesterday morning, my phone rang and he
asked if I might be interested in a red '91 Coupe Quattro he found.  "Sure,"
I said, "if the price is right and it's in decent shape" and to make a long
story short, it was and (I'm told) is.

I don't have the details yet -- I haven't seen the car and am not picking it
up until this weekend -- but I've decided I can't keep it.  My girlfriend
wants a car with four doors not two (not to mention an automatic!) and I
already have too many cars as it is.  So, if you're interested in a
higher-mileage Coupe (117k) with Tornado Red paint and are willing to fork
over $7,500 or so for the privilege, drop me a note ... btw, both me and the
car are located in Arizona and I can arrange delivery within a reasonable
distance of Phoenix.

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