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Help with part number for vacuum system component

My car has been idling rough lately (is there something common here,
there's been a lot of talk lately about rough idle).
I did a quick visual inspection under the hood and noticed a rather
large split in one of the t-connectors that joins vacuum hoses.

Can anyone provide a part number or the correct name for this hose so I
can order it.

Here are the details.

There is a vacuum hose coming from a plastic air duct above the fuel
distributor which wraps around to the cylinder head and is joined at a
t-connector.  At the other end of the t-connector, a short hose is
connected to the cylinder head.  The middle part of the t-connector is
connected to the crankcase breather hose, which is connected to the

>From    _______________     into
air -->  rubber t-pipe  --> cylinder
duct    ______   ______     head
             |   |          
             |   |

I need the Audi part number for the t-connector that is right on top of
the cylinder head, in front of and to the right of the idle
stabilization valve as you are facing the car from the front.

The t-connector is about 4 inches long and joins hoses that are about

Thanks in advance.

1990 Audi 200 Turbo
VIN: WAUFD5444LN017915