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clutch, what clutch?

Well, I had a real FUN time on the way to work this morning.  Just as 
I got into the city traffic.  I put in the clutch to upshift.  This 
resulted in a fairly loud pop and the clutch went to the floor, and 
stayed there.  It was really a thrill driving a 5 speed in traffic, 
with no clutch.  Fortunatly I know most of the back roads and was 
able to get out of traffic, and make it to work with out too many 

So it looks like I know what I will be doing this weekend.  If anyone 
has any tips on how to make this a little easier, or things to watch 
out for- drop me a note.  Also what all should I replace once I have 
this all apart.  The car is an 87 4ks non q with 120,000 miles.