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RE: 89 100 Wagon charging system woes :-

Mike LaRosa informed us:
> Although, the cables didn't have any nasty green goo
> on either the starter end or battery end.  
> Is the positive cable that goes from the starter to the battery
> a straight thru cable ? or is there another connector or lug
> along the way ?  anybody know ?
Scott Mockery speculates:
>  This thick black cable
> continues (looks to be the same size) up under the right
> side carpet up past where the ECU is mounted under the
> right front passenger kick panel. My guess is that this
> welded connection occurs somewhere under the right side
> dash area before this main battery cable exits out into the
> engine compartment underneath where the steering rack is.
   I'll confirm that Audi has done this in the past.  When I parted
an '86 5000t for a 4kq turbo conversion, the harness from ECU to
engine bay was a must keep.  And being appropriately anal, that
meant no cutting to easy removal.
   The most interesting part was chasing the 5 or so wires that go
from the ECU to the fuse box.  They are routed under the carpet,
and behind/underneath the whole heater assembly.  Once the
heater assembly had been removed, courtesy of Mr. Maul, I was
able to examine Audi wiring choices.  Along with their use of cable
ties in inaccessible areas, was this "science experiment gone wrong"
positive battery lead splice/weld joint.
   So yes, this weld does exist in other cars, and yes it is located
in the general area of the passenger footwell and the heater box.  You
best hope your problem lies elsewhere, because any repair needed
around that weld would be a certifiable B**** of a job.


Stott Hare
Policy Administration Team