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Re: high idle


i don't think battery voltage is the source of your problem....

the air bypass screw (knob) on the throttle body adjusts idle speed by changing
the amount of air that bypasses the throttle valve.  cold start (additional)
air uses either the aux air valve or the idle speed stabilizer.  

after this, it'll be either the aux air valve or an air leak with the throttle
valve itself.

have you changed the throttle valve (ie adjusted it)?

have you checked the aux air valve?  there should be around 12v across the

to test the idle speed stabiliser, you will need a dwell meter.  generally
speaking, dwell should increase slightly over warm start when idle is raised,
and more again (with higher rpm) when cold start is simulated.  when lights are
turned on at idle, dwell should increase as it will (along with idle) when the
a/c is on.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>I was told by many to check my battery, as it may be causing high idle.
>Well I did and these are the results.
>Battery voltage without the engine running is 12.7V, this battery is   
>about 1 month old.
>"No load" - NO electrical appliances switched on.
>"Load" - lights on high beam and fog lights both on.
>With both battery terminals connected and engine running
>no load 13.7V (@800rpm) 13.7V(@2000rpm)
>load 13.5V (@800rpm) 13.4V(@2000rpm)
>With negative battery terminal disconnected and engine running
>no load 13.8V(@800rpm) 13.7V(@2000rpm)
>load  13.3V(@800rpm) 13.2V(@2000rpm)
>What would these results say about the condition of my   
>/\/\ark Z\/0LANEK
>1991 Audi90 2.3E man non-Q