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BINGO!!!: 89 100 Wagon charging system woes :-(


DeWitt if you're ever in New England look me up,
I owe you a very large Beer!!!!!!!!!!!  the crimped
connection it is.  And it was very hot as in the 
insulation touching it is burnt.

What do you guy's think about going to the dealer
and demanding they fix this before the dash catches on

I checked a few things out as in the fuse's all say 12.6.

The cable going into the firewall from the starter say's
14.0.  Which means time to start pulling apart the interior

Pulled the side cover off in the passenger footwell, peeled
the carpet and insulation back, look up almost behind the
heater duct and there is the CRIMP.  Measures 14.0 before
the crimp and 12.6 after.

There you go.

Ok, now how many other people have this same problem :-)

Now you all owe me a beer for not giving up :-)

Now back to the garage and figure out how to fix it, 
usually the easy part :-)  we shall see....

Thanks again everybody,

Mike L.
89 100 Wagon, hopefully fixed tonight!
90 V8, possibly back to it's rightfull owner tomorrow...

At 02:28 PM 8/20/97 MDT, DeWitt Harrison wrote...
>On Wed, 20 Aug 1997 08:57:35 -0400, Mike LaRosa wrote:
>>Thanks Scott, Tony and Katpassage...
>>I'll check thru your suggestions tonight and check back :-)
>>Although, the cables didn't have any nasty green goo
>>on either the starter end or battery end.  
>>Is the positive cable that goes from the starter to the battery
>>a straight thru cable ? or is there another connector or lug
>>along the way ?  anybody know ?
>On many cars, there is a heavy duty crimped connection in this
>cable run located somewhere under the carpet pad on the firewall
>on the passenger's side.  If this connection is poor enough, the crimp
>can actually feel warm to the touch. Other potential trouble spots: the
>battery to chassis ground connection and the engine to chassis
>ground strap connections as noted by Scott.
>>Scott, I'm using a sunpro 7680 or some number like that :-)
>>it has ac, dc, ohms, dwell, and tach for a 5cyl on it.  The
>>ohm dial has 200k, 20k, 2k and a tone setting.  The number
>>it showed was 0.000.  I did touch them together before I 
>>ohmed anything out and they said 0.000.  Is this what you were
>>looking for ?
>The units of resistance are in kilo-ohms. The least significant
>digit on  your readout represents 1 ohm increments. But it would
>only require 0.05 ohms of resistance to drop 1.5 volts at a 30A
>load, as an example. To confirm your suspicion about the alternator
>to battery +terminal run, directly measure the voltage difference
>between those two points while the cooling fan is running, etc.
>You really shouldn't ever see even as much as a half volt differential
>end to end if everything is clean and tight. Recall that this same
>run must supply starter motor current. On the other hand,
>other wiring in the car is of much smaller diameter and can
>drop a volt or more in the high amp circuits (lights, high fan, etc.).
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