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Maine Forest Rally

Hello Listers,
   I watched the Maine Forest Rally the other day on ESPN2 and
thoroughly enjoyed it. I just wish it was longer than a half hour of
coverage. Looks like there were 6 Audis entered. Of these we only get to
see 2. Oh, well. I could see that Sprongel's car was an S2. There has
been a debate as to whether it was a 10 valve or 20, with the last post
about it I read saying it was 10. Not that important I guess. 
    I am curious if detail about Jon Kemp's car is known. It looked like
possibly a 1984 4kq, but is it a turbo? Also, production GT is dicussed
as a class both on the show and here:
http://www.scca.com/amateur/michpro/maine1.html , but nowhere is the
class "4wd" (which is listed in that document) described. What is the
difference between 4WD and PGT in SCCA Pro Rally?
'91 200 tq
'86 4kq