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UrQ-->Location of fuel pump relay

    Ok, ok, something is either seriously wrong, or I just haven't pulled the
correct relay yet.    The scenereo:  intermittent f/p cut-out over 4000rpm,
replaced, checked, or spec'd the appropriate sensors/switches.  In an attempt
to get home without the cut-out I was going to  temporarily jumper the relay
and also  take a look inside the relay for and crusties.  I pulled what I
thought was the f/p relay, the car still ran.  Then I pulled another one, the
car still ran,  and again,  and again.  I'm sure I pulled every relay under
the dash, and in the glove compartment.  The car never missed a beat?   Is
this thing hidden somewhere?   Anybody wanna buy a mars red '83 UrQ?
What would be an interesting trade?

Demons BE GONE !!!


My personalised plate is going to be DAMIEN.   :-)