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Re: Hand signal for listers?

At 07:23 PM 8/20/97 -0700, Wolff wrote:
>This week on Monday I saw a red S4 driving in Aptos. Yesterday I saw a
>silver A4q drive past me and then about 30 seconds later I saw another
>silver A4q go by. We need some kind of hand signal like the "hey bra"
>Hawaiian thing with thumb and pinkey finger extended. This way when we
>see a q being driven we can find out if the driver is a lister or not.
>Best sign I can think of is 4 fingers up for "quattro", but that's not
>very elegant.(?)  Any ideas anyone?

Perhaps a 4-finger wave, palm out, fingers straight and parallel with each
other, thumb tucked in, almost like you were going to then salute (although
I'm suggesting having the thumb tucked in instead of "drawn back" at

I seem to recall hearing that Jaguar owners salute each other. If this
isn't true, maybe we could start saluting each other. :-)

Or, we could all get bumper stickers for our front bumpers that say "I'm a
Q-lister." ;-)

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