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RE: quattro-digest V4 #1040

	>Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 23:04:17 -0400
	>From: mlarosa@BayNetworks.com (Mike LaRosa)
	>Subject: 89 100 Wagon Alternator fix details

	>Tools/Materials Required:

	>Wire Snips
	>Razor blade of some sort
	>Thick rubber section about 4" x 8"
	>3 hose clamps
	>Digital Multimeter with pointed cord ends
	>Needlenose vise grips(Optional)
	>Pete's Wicked Honey Wheat on ice

	>Cut the crimp out with the wire snips

	>(Loosening the clamps around the cable under the hood
>  >and taking the cable off the starter then pulling more
>  >of the cable into the car will make it easier to clamp
>  >it all back together, but of course I didn't do it 
>  >this way....)
	>Trim about 1/4 inch of insulation back from both wires,
	>grab a hose clamp with a pair of vise grips, put both ends
	>together. Clamp together.  Holding the clamp with a pair
	>of vise grips makes this a bit easier....

	>Stick Rubber section behind the New Crimp, Cover liberally
	>with grease.  I sprayed it with lithium grease :-)

	>Wrap it up, clamp on both sides.  

	>* Mike LaRosa, Manager 
	>* Internet Telco Business Unit
	>* Premium Services
	>* Bay Networks
	>* 1000 Tech. Park
	>* Billerica, Ma. 01821
	>* 508-916-1104
	>* mlarosa@baynetworks.com

	Thanks for the detailed and well explained repair for the bad
crimp.  I'd like to add something that may make the repair a little
neater and possibly better insulated for safety.

	Go to an electrical supply house, I'm talking house type wiring,
where you can get butt connectors for large wire.  A properly sized butt
connector will fit into the place where you cut out the old crimp.  The
wire is clamped into the butt connector with set screws.  They also sell
mastic (sp) that is a heavy rubber insulation with adhesive on one side.
It will stretch as you wrap the splice and make a tight formfitting
watertight insulation layer.  Then cover the mastic with plastic
electricians tape.

	I spliced 2/0 underground house entrance cable with this
technique two weeks ago. 

	Mike, I'm not suggesting you change yours.  You did an ingenious
repair with what was available and it sounds good to me.

	If you don't care where you are, you ain't lost.