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Re: Hand signal for listers?

Wolff has a good point. Since we live in (almost) the same town we may even
wave to each other someday. Four fingers...hmm, not bad. Old habits are hard
to break. It used to be around here that wmb owners and P-car owners flashed
lights at each other (I used to and was always greeted with a smile and flash
back) but I don't see that much anymore. When I see four rings combined with
a quattro badge on a grill coming at me, I generaly wave. That wave is
*always* met with a blank "who the f*** are you" stare. So Duane, Anton, and
any other listers in the Santa Cruz CA area...if you see a nautic blue 5kcstq
comin' at ya and the driver waves, maybe a wave back would confrim this as
being possible. On the same note...whatever happened to the decal idea...Dan?

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq
85 4ksq

Mike Veglia