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Re: Source for Audi AC parts, other than Audi Dealer

> Rich,
> It's for the 1990 90 2.3 10V non-quattro.  Funny you don't have an expansion
> valve for that car, because some of the other places didn't have it either,
> and the AC shop said that it was one of the leaks.  BUT, I did a visual
> inspection of the AC system and found oil on the AC high pressure cut-out
> switch (located on top of the condenser)...is that the same thing as an
> expansion valve?  Your prices are great either way, thank you soo much for
> the help!
> Christian
Well, I called and double checked the prices,
the evaporator core is $411.00 and the drier is $45.00
Plus tax, but it shouldn't be too bad.
I checked for a high-press switch, nope, sorry.
Lemme know if you need any of these.
Any other listmemebers are also welcome to these prices.
BTW, these parts are made by Four Seasons (Factory Air)

Rich Andrews