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New way for V8 to smoke

     Many thanks to those who responded with my plea for a good shop to 
     work on my V8 transmission.  The lucky winner (for them and me) was 
     the Benz Den in Belmont (closest to home and work) who determined that 
     I had a transmission fluid leak from the cooler line connection (what 
     the heck is that?) and repaired it for a mere (compared to my 
     worst-case fears) $300.  That's all labor + a 60 cent part.
     It amazes me that of all the reports I've seen of what was dripping 
     onto the exhaust system causing a V8 to smoke, not one has been the 
     same.  Previous reports were coolant, main engine bearing seal, 
     steering rack, and another I've forgotten (differential seal?).
     Jack Rich
     90 V8Q
     88 Chevy
     84 4kq