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new s4

the new engine sounds interesting.

1) torque is impressive with 400nm @1850.  the rs2 @1850 develops about 240,
the 20v ur-q about 300nm.

2) the motor seems to be pretty breathless, with max power (265hp) at only
5,800rpm v 315hp with the rs2 @6,900 and red line @7,000.  suggests small (hot
side) turbos which spool up early but run out of puff at high rpm (eg k24). 
makes me wonder about the whole point of the 5 valves?  it looks like the rs2's
combination of high lift cam and bigger turbo makes the (old) i5 20v much
better than the 30v v6 at the top end. 

3) torque spread is good, but not as good as the rs2 which develops over 400nm
from 2,500 to just below 5,000rpm.  the s4 develops 400nm from 1850 to 3600rpm.
further evidence of a lack of breathing.

4) the turbos don't seem to have been setup for any sort of 'sequential'
operation given the apparent lack of top end.

5) edl operating with the quattro drivetrain up to 80kmh sounds like a great
idea.  would love to drive this quattro drivetrain in anger over a twisty wet

6) like the styling.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q