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Re: Echo, thank the stars Dan was home

Huw Powell wrote:
> -- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --
> Interesting how while the server was corrupted we not only still posted
> messages (the first cure would be to abstain, generating no possible echoes)
> but also posted questions about the echoes - if Dan had been on vacation
> imagine the meltdown!
> Thanks Dan for being there & able to fix it quick!
> Huw Powell
> HUMAN Speakers
> http://www.thebook.com/human-speakers

>From monty python (I think), "Let's give him the clap he so richly
deserves".  Dan is probably looking at my "subscribe" command very
closely to determine if I started all the dups. . . sorry in advance,
but good job in saving my C: drive from insanity (I really need to start
using the Unix box more).

New lister,
Mike Murphy
90 100 non-q  DAM=Dead at Mechanic (for a Fuel Distributor, etc.)
86 4kq in meltdown
86 Jeep Grand Wagoneer  aka - the pig
230 year old house (takes up rest of family income and that of several
                    other families).