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Re: '93 90S problems

Chris Newbold wrote:

> Matt Daniels wrote:
> >
> >      1. Steering moan/squeal. does anybody know how to get rid of
> this? I
> >      think I have seen the topic discussed before, but I don't
> recall
> >      reading the solution.
> Does this happen when the car is cold and the wheen turned slowly
> (and usually to the left)? If so, it's probably the steering damper.
> That's a shock-absorber type thing installed parallel to the rack.
> These things were notoriously noisey on 1992/93 90s and 100s. I went
> through about 4 (in 18 months) before Audi changed the design. Been
> quite ever since... Dunno how much replacing it would cost, as mine
> were
> all under warantee.

    I also have a 93 90s quattro and it DOES make a noise (sometimes)
when i turn left (only left) slowly,  this is very annoying (as u know).
I have taken my car to my audi dealer three times!! and no dice they
look through the suspension and tell me everything is ok, and i am still
left with the noise. I am excited about the prospect of geting this
problem fixed however, i am learry, as i should be, about the cost.
Anyway, thak you for your suggestion I will follow it through.


93 90s Quattro 63k kilometers