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Re: Turbo Problems

At 07:37 PM 8/21/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Thanks!!!!!!  the frequency valve is under the passenger fender?

Yup - directly outboard of the fuel distributor.
   the test
>port you refer to is a small do-dad next to the washer resivour? I think I
>know it.  Bridge it with the multi meter set at voltage?  what will I be
>looking for?

White double connector with (I believe) brown and blue wires. Use a dwell
meter on 8 cyl scale. Convert to duty cycle by multiplying duty cycle by .9
= dwell. Divide x 2 for 4 cyl scale. 

Under open loop conditions the duty cycle will be a set, non varying value.
The higher the value, the richer (as I recall). I'll CC: this to the list so
I can be corrected...
Closed loop will cycle back and forth about 8-10 degrees max. Put long wires
on it, put in seat next to you - take it for a drive from cold and you
should see it go from open to closed loop as it warms up. When you hit WOT
it'll go open loop again.

>I think I know how to access codes (fuel pump relay) however i don't have a
>list of what the codes mean -  any idea where I can find them?

Bentley - I'll dig them out...
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