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Ur -q questions

Hey There:

I haven't been on lately, so I may have some mindless comments.
What is the value range of an 83 tq-coupe in good shape with low mileage ??
Also, what are some good mod's (TAP? Hoppen? IA?) to get some more
hp???   My understanding is that this is around 165 stock and I am spoiled
by my 93 S4 w/ IA3.   I would like to have some power under my big toe (some male testosterone problem I guess!).

Also, any comments on the performance psoitives or negatives about this vehicle year(1983) will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
- Nick Pinto

93 S4
96 Jeep
71 Demon
68 Barracuda
76 450SLC
93 K1100LT