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Re: Heater Core sprung a leak...

Brendan wrote .....

>If it's not one thing it's another, right?  Well the heater  core in my
>'88 90Q fogs the windshield and stinks up the car. My temporary fix of
>removing the coolant lines and bridging them together with a 15mm deep
>socket works beautifully except for the fact that winter is comin' in
>Michigan. So anyone with a BTDT  or any experience getting into the
>vicinity of the darned thing please share your comments. It looks like a
>lousy job as it is.


I saved these from last year's posting to the list (with credit to the
noted listers) ....just be sure to check these first in case it's
applicable to your 90Q.

From: smullen@philly.infi.net
Date: 17 Oct 96 13:20:12 -0500
Subject: Re: Fogged up Windows

> My 91 200q fogs up the windows whenever I use the econ setting for heat or the
> outside temp is below 40F and I use the defrost. I believe that below 40F, the
> compressor doesn't come on. Any ideas where the moisture in the incoming air
> is coming from? Is there a drain that might be clogged. Where is the heater
> core located?
> Thanks,
> mike miller - seattle,wa

Had the same problem through the summer under slightly different
circumstances with my hi-mileage '92 100CSQW.  Thanks to a tip from a
q-lister, the problem turned out to be a clogged "secret" drain under
the plenum beneath the dash instrument cluster under the hood.  You with
me?  The drain had four years' accumulation of leaves and twigs that
caused the fogging, and eventually water in the footwells after heavy
rains.  Good luck, Shaun

From: varvarig@qc.bell.ca
Date: 18 Oct 96 15:06:46 -0500
Subject: Re: Fogged up Windows

I would suggest that you check the spring on the air recirculating flop. If it
is broken, you are not getting fresh air from the outside and with the increase
humidity inside you are having this problem.

Another possibility is your heater radiator core; this however is unlikely since
your car is not that old and you would be losing antifreeze.

Last but not least, check for the blocked drain if you park near a lot of trees.

Good Luck

Nick Varvarigos


2 of those 1988 90Qs