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ABS Fixed!!!

I wrote:

> Every morning when I back out of my garage, I get this humming sound for
> about 2 seconds and the pedal goes soft, and it feels like the ABS is
> interfering. It also happens very rarely in traffic when coasting slowly
> up to a stop sign or light.
> I replaced the bomb about 2 months ago.
> Any ideas?

The consensus of everyone's advice was that the ABS sensors were
misaligned or dirty. I took the car into the Audi dealer and they
checked all sensors with some kind of diagnostic equipment. Everything
checked out, so they re and re'd all sensors and cleaned them.

I am glad to report that this has cured the problem and it has not done
it since. BTW, they charged me 1.2 hours ($99.60). (Got to get a Bentley

Thanks for your help.


Sean Douglas
1990 Audi 90 Quattro 20V
1992 VW Passat GL 16V
Surrey, B.C.