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Re: SCCA PRO Rally Classifications

> Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 16:04:47 -0400
> From: Ramana Lagemann <elmool@tiac.net>
> Subject: Re:  Maine Forest Rally
> > Subject: Maine Forest Rally
> >
> > Hello Listers,
> >    I watched the Maine Forest Rally the other day on ESPN2 and
> > thoroughly enjoyed it. I just wish it was longer than a half hour of
> > coverage. Looks like there were 6 Audis entered. Of these we only get to
> > see 2. Oh, well. I could see that Sprongel's car was an S2. There has
> > been a debate as to whether it was a 10 valve or 20, with the last post
> > about it I read saying it was 10. Not that important I guess.
> >     I am curious if detail about Jon Kemp's car is known. It looked like
> > possibly a 1984 4kq, but is it a turbo? Also, production GT is dicussed
> > as a class both on the show and here:
> > http://www.scca.com/amateur/michpro/maine1.html , but nowhere is the
> > class "4wd" (which is listed in that document) described. What is the
> > difference between 4WD and PGT in SCCA Pro Rally?
> > Thanks,
> > Wolff
> > '91 200 tq
> > '86 4kq
> Sprongl's car in this race was a 10V, 'cos he still hasn't gotten his
> 20V back from Germany, (or is it the UK?) I don't beleive his car
> started out as a legit S2, just a Coupe Q, Mark Nelson, can you confirm
> this?
> Jon Kemp's car is an 84 4KQ, with a turbocharged motor. I'm not sure of
> power figures, but he has enough to do four-wheel power drifts on
> tarmac!
> Production is a class for all "lower" performance cars, be they front
> wheel, rear wheel or all wheel drive, turbo charged or not. They are
> basically cars off of the production floor, with modifications limited
> to safety.
> Production GT is for "higher" performance cars, such as Mustang or
> something, all though I'm sure there is debate on that particular
> subject.
> 4WD is an "open" class... very few limitations, such as powerplant made
> by the manufacturer of the car, etc. Pretty much "anything goes" in this
> class...
> - -Ramana
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> Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 13:26:52 -0700
> From: Mark Nelson <mnelson@brls.com>
> Subject: RE: Maine Forest Rally
>         Hi Wolff!
>         If you look at the couple of shots they show of Frank's engine
> compartment, you will most definitely see the intake and valve cover of
> a 10VT.  It took me completely by surprise =).
>         I too wish there was more coverage then just a half hour.  At
> least there is more coverage this year then the year before...of course
> I wish there was better WRC coverage too.
>         The difference between production GT and Open Class (most AWD
> cars run Open), is that in Production GT, you have to keep the interior
> in the car, there is very little you can do in the way of engine
> upgrades.  Essentially you take a stock car, add safety pieces such as a
> roll-cage, etc., rally tires, and skid plates.  There is a 2wd
> Production GT class as well as a 4WD.
>         In Open Class, you can change engines and go up to 5.1L (as long
> as the manufacturer of the car is the same, although on the Hyundai
> Tiburon this is really stretched =), change gear boxes, suspension,
> interior etc.  Some body pieces can be made of alternate materials, etc.
> This is probably the most liberal class in motor racing, to the effect
> that the rule book says something to the tune of "creativity within the
> rules is encouraged."
>         HTH!
>         -mark nelson

You guys are getting closer!  I will be in competition with the feared
S2 of the Sprongls tomorrow night in Bemidji, MN.  

There is no class listed as 4WD.  There is no seperate designation
between Production GT for 2WD and 4WD.  Production class is 2WD non
turbo with an engine size limitation and no turbos or 4WD.  Open is
pretty much anything goes.  Production GT allows for only safety
modifications (rollbar, harnesses, lights) and is for 4WD and turbo
cars. Right now it's dominated by Talons and Eclipses.  I only wish
there were a few people who could afford to run some A4 1.8T's to show
these guys!

You can follow the rally by going to http://www.reed.edu/%7Ebradley/ and
following the link to Ojibwe Forests Pro Rally.  Unfourtunately this
event does not have a sponsor so it will not be part of the ESPN2 rally
season coverage.  I hope to get a few good pictures of the car at Parc
Expose on Saturday.  I will let you guys know where and when I post

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