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Re: Maine Forest Rally

Mark Nelson wrote:
> <<Toward the end their mom allowed new tires and they advanced
> tremendously and got ahead of Carl Merril. Compared to Marril's car Audi
> was crap. It was only increadible driving skills of Frank that worked
> mirakles here.>>
> Good point.  Carl Merrill has the money to afford this $250K rocket, but
> he obviously isn't a very good driver.  Although I musts imply applaud
> him just for being out there running...as it does make things
> interesting to have cars such as the Escort Cozzie out there as well as
> the Mitsubishi Lancer.
> <<If they could afford a proper gear box that would not even be an
> issue.>>
> I agree...but at $6K USD or more for a 6-speed, or $8-$10K for a SMS
> 5-speed rally tranny, one becomes more incline to have just a good
> supply of 5-speeds on hand until the funds become available.  Just take
> it easy on the take off in first gear though =)...
> <<Somobody recomended adding Coca Cola with break fluid which they did
> and it helped>>
> That old racer's trick does wonders doesn't it...
> <<Some people think that Frank and Danny alsow know these roads well
> which is apparent from their driving style.>>
> I would hope so, being as they are so dominant in the Winter Rally
> there...
> cya!
> -mark

Hi Mark.

I think these gear boxes are worth it if you can benifit from them. At 
this level you and I probably can't, but on Carl's level it helps 
trmendously. Both of Hundais have them and Evo has one too. A dog box 
requires matching engine speeds for shifting to some extent. However it 
is much quicker to shift and you can focuse on left foot breaking instead 
of pushing clutch pedal. It replaces exotic push button electric clutch 
depressors that Audi used in GrB long ago. I am preparing to get one for 
my Toyota eventually. Prices for new are in US$11 K range. I hear 
Mitsubishi goes for 17K. I am trying to locate a used one in UK for 
around 5 or 6K but it has to be one built with gears from reputable 
company so that I can still get spare parts. These things eventually 
fail. Hundai boxes are built in UK too. Carl will be getting new 
sequential X track as soon as it is available.  This year only M Sport 
gets them. He is a great driver. Even though he lost to Frank he is 
better than most of us will ever be. Nothing is lost yet. Looking forward 
to Minisota. I am sorry that I will not be there this year. May be next 
year. It is a grat rally. By the way my european connections are talking 
about Audi returning to rally with A3 converted to WRC spec like Corolla.
Turbo 2000cc and 4WD will be used. I have not been told when.This is 
printed in some rally magasine in Europe. I had fun running in Maine.
My car held up well and I finished divisional. My suspention is great and 
on my level I am very happy with it. I hope it holds up. I plan to run 
RAC in Canada in October. I am told that it is the greatest event in 
North America. For that I am getting AP breaks for front, bronse 
radiator, and fule cell, as well as 10 Compumotive Motorsports wheels and 
assorted tires. My front breaks will go in the back as I learned that 
rally car breaks work harder in rear than in street cars. My break biast 
is set so that when I break by rotating my car sideways it stays there.
I wore out my rear breaks completly in one race. It deffinatly needs help 
in rear. I alsow scrubbed jell coat off my Kevlar sump guard so I have to 
repair it and get a spare as well.
How is your car progressing ?