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Audi in NewYork for sale

Yes  it's true the RIPP Audi is 
for sale. The car is complete 
with 2 interiors leather and cloth 
it also has new brakes,turbo,clutch,
trans,rear,head,head gasket,radiator,
The car is turn key ready to go.
it can be seen at:
Asking best offer between $16K and $20K
With over $28K invested 
Work 718-442-4723

Please call or mail any questions you might have, 
ask for Ross or Angelo.
1987 5000 turbo Q
0-60 5.5sec 
.25mi 13.08 109.9
88K miles
17x8in rims 
13.3in rotors 
shrick cam 
2.5in down pipe 3in exhaust 
1360cfm front mounted intercooler
Audi sport turbo 
ported and polished head 
11lb carbon fiber FIA approved racing seats 
800 watt stereo 
built in front and rear radar 
smoked tail lights 
custom tresser front and rear bumpers and grill
suspension.........................and on and on 
has been seen in Quattro quart. and Turbo magazine!