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Upcoming TSD Rallys - NorthEast

Hi All,

Here is some quick info on some great GREAT TSD Rallys that are coming
up this fall.

On Saturday Sept. 6 hosted by the TCNE and CMC and sanctioned by the NER
SCCA is the Lighthouse Depot Road Rally. This is a straightforward TSD
Rally of @160 miles with 10-15% unpaved roads. This Rally tours coastal
York County and features sightings of even more lighthouses than last

There will be a Novice school.

Contact Marsha Sibley at marshasib@aol.com for more information.

On Saturday Sept. 20 to Sunday 21 is the Midnight Mountain TSD Rally
hosted by the CMC and sanctioned by the NER SCCA. This is an all night,
265 mile Rally, run on moutainous and/or unpaved roads at moderate to
brisk speeds. 

There will be NO Novice school. This is not a first time Rallyist event
and will feature Tulip NRIs and open controls.

Contact Howard Mikkelson at 207-583-4148 for more information.

On Oct. 25-26 is the Rally against Leukemia/ Logans Run.
The Covered Bridges TSD Rally will be on Nov. 1-2.

On Nov 8th the FLR SCCA will have Phil Barnes an all-nighter TSD Rally
in good weather out of Cortland NY. 

Contact is Phil Barnes at peb3@cornell.edu or 607-756-6128.

On Dec. 4/5/6/7 is the Winter Maine Forest Pro Rally and workers are
always needed. This event is for only licensed Pro Rally

There are some more TSD Rallys that are being held later this Fall and
as soon as I get more information I shall post them.

Please let the Rallymaster know that you heard about their events from
the NEQ.

So get your Quattro Teams together and Rally On.

Bob W.