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Re: those darned climate control dampers (5k)

Does this air flow remain no matter how long the air is on?  If so, your AC
progammer is probably dead ( default for such a probem is air out of defrost
only) or their is a vaccum leak.  I suppose you can get in there to mannally
adjust the dampers if you don't want the defrost capabilities in the future.
E - mail me privately if you (or anyone else) wants a collection of ideas
with climate control.  And since I now have the Bentley, I too will join the
many others who suggest you get it.  Not absolutley neccessary due to great
help from this group, but very valuable.


>On my '86 5ks, about 90% of the air is coming out of the side window 
>defrost vents at the corners of the dash.  I seem to remember some 
>posts in the past about getting behind the dashboard and manually 
>adjusting the dampers to correct this. Is this procedure something that a
mechanically-impaired person such as myself, armed only with a Haynes
manual, should attempt?
Any suggestions?
>Thanks much!
Kevin Morris (kmorris@sover.net)