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Re: '91 200q wastegate frequency valve prob. second day

You either need the VAG 1551 to clear the fault codes or after about 50
times starting/shutting of the car, they clear by them selves. I believe the
danger readings on the WGFV are if they read high - this lets the WFGV pulse
too often, reducing boost. Not sure what a low reading would do.
Going from memory - fuses 24 and 28 would be in the row that runs with the
long side of the fuse parallel with the fender.

mike miller

>I tested the resistance of the WGFV, and it's slightly out of spec.
>Spec:  25 to 35 ohms.  Reading:  23 ohms.  Is there a way to check my
>to see if it is indeed accurate?
>I also did the basic check on all the fuses; none blown.  It says to check
>fuses 24 and 28; I can't figure out which ones they are.